2012             The best wedding photographer 2011;
2012   Wedding exhibition wedding theme "Still closer," Kurmene;
2011   First personal exhibition wedding theme "Still closer," Daugavpils, Park Hotel Latgola;
2011   III place in the category of "Ceremony" photo contest in the Latvian Association of Wedding Photographers 2010;
2010   II place in "Details" in the photo contest of the Latvian Association of wedding photographers in 2010;
2009   Photo Contest Winner - "Thoughts Living Earth 2009", Lithuania, I place;
2009   Participation in the photo competition "The most beautiful summer night in 2009";
2009   Participation in the II Festival eCards Taurage, Lithuania. Photo exhibition "Homo Sum" I place in photo contest "National characteristics Taurage.";

Participation in the 2009 photo contest "Photomania 2009." in Kaliningrad;

2009   Participant of the wedding photo exhibition "Home" at the mall "Galerija Centrs". Organizes the Latvian Association of Wedding Photographers (04.04.2009.-18.04.2009);
2008   Participation in the I International Festival eCards (Lithuania). Party photo exhibitions in the castle Taurage, Lithuania (30.05.2008.);
2008   Photo exhibition "Infinity.";
2008   Picture, photos, videos, experimental music in the "Personal immunity in the act of subjective conceptual act" (On the Occasion of the city of Daugavpils);
2008   Photo exhibition "Nida 2007". Daugavpils, Park Hotel Latgola.






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